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2008 Bonnaroo Music Festival

Originally featuring jam bands, Bonnaroo has been featuring dozens of popular bands since 2002. However, since its beginning it’s evolved into a multi-genre festival. There are classic rock bands, hip hop, jazz, electronic, and of course jam bands, With headliners such as Radio Head, Tool, and Metallica, Bonaroo Music Festival has also contains not so well known bands to give them the much needed exposure. Beside the usual music and art, Bonnaroo offers comedy acts as well. Popular comedians such as Chris Rock, Demetri Martin, and many more. The festival is a standard four day festival in which you can spend the night or go day by day. It’s located in Manchester, Tennessee at Great Stage Park. Bonnaroo pictures or videos can be found here.

One of the best things about this music festival is that there’s always something to do no matter what time it is. If there’s no music, you can go to a comedy club, if there’s no comedy, you can go to a disco, or even see a movie. It’s a very social atmosphere with people up at all hours of the night. A 2009 Bonnaroo schedule will be announced around February of 2009, or perhaps even January. The date of the 2009 festival will be June 11th-to14th, and will be held at its familiar location.

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